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Courtney is born and raised here in Knoxville, and started her bartending career as a Hooters Girl. When Wagon Wheel opened 10 years ago, she was one of the first people hired.


Over the last 6 years she has taken on the role of General Manager/Head Bartender. Besides being a mother to her sweet little boy and girl, Wagon Wheel is her other baby.


She is an extremely hard working employee. She is constantly putting her heart and soul into everything about this bar. She has chosen the best staff to work here and to represent us and our brand. When you think of Wagon Wheel, you think of Courtney!


Her drink of choice is a beer and a shot (usually a Michelob Ultra with a lime and a Green Tea Shot).

Follow her on Instagram, @Courtney_valdivia


TJ has held pretty much every position in the bar industry.  He got his start bartending at a dive bar in downtown Nashville when he was only 18 years old! 


TJ then moved to Knoxville where he graduated from The University of Tennessee while also managing a live music venue on the strip.  After that, he tried his hand as a liquor ambassador before Covid shuttered the position.  


Today he is known as Wagon Wheel’s most fun-loving bartender who will always go the extra mile to make everyone feel like a regular! 


Follow him on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram: @tjdembek

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Patricia aka 'Patty' is originally from South Florida and worked at Hooters since she was 20. She got her foot in the door bartending and after two short years of being with the company she made the Hooters Calendar.


Over her 6 years of working with Hooters, she had the opportunity to guest bartend at music venues and downtown Fort Lauderdale bars! After graduating college and starting a family of her own, she made the decision to come to Tennessee to be closer to family and for her two children.

Now Patricia is at Wagon Wheel with us serving warm smiles and a fun environment! 

Follow her on Instagram, @patriciaamariaaa


If you’ve been to Wagon Wheel, you’ve almost definitely see Hana slinging drinks behind the bar or chatting with the customers!


One of the mainstays at Wagon through the last five years, Hana has almost a decade of bartending and managing bars under her belt. Hana says that Wagon Wheel quickly became one of her all-time favorites for its high energy on the weekends and the great regulars. 


With Detroit roots, she moved here after falling in love while on vacation and will tell you anytime that Knoxville is home. If you catch her out on a night off, you’ll most likely catch her with a Mich Ultra in hand and a shot of Jameson on the way.


Otherwise, it’s safe to assume she’s watching sci-go movies at home and snuggling her dog Harry Styles. Hana's favorite Wagon Wheel drink is our Green Tea Shots!


Follow her on instagram @barfly4lyfe



If you have been downtown you have probably seen Louis on either side of the bar. He's been in Knoxville since he was 3 weeks old and is proud to call it home.


Louis started his bartending career on the strip and moved on to become a mixologist 3 years later. After Covid he realized he missed the fast pace and fun that comes with the bars in downtown Knoxville, and that's when he came to join us at Wagon Wheel.

You will either find him serving shots or shaking his hips to Justin Bieber behind the bar. Don't ask him to make you his favorite drink or you will end up with a tall shot of Rumple in front of you.

Follow him on Instagram, Louchainz

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